Sunday Morning Funnies: Jazzercise

Amanda Miller
A. Miller|01.31.10

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Jazzercise
Ladies and gentlemen, and all those with paws/hooves, etc, I think we might just be entering a new phase of the Sunday Morning Funnies. Why? Because this week's list is pretty long too.

So long, in fact, that I had to throw it all behind the break again. Have I missed any? Do you know of a comic that isn't listed here? If so, throw it into the comments section! Let's see just how long we can make this thing. Hunt them down, and leave me a tip.

Last week, I seem to recall promising you a Long Cat. Just to be safe, I've delivered two. Yes, you can all has long cats.
  • Thanks to Matt for tipping me off to the fact that Sluggy Freelance has published some more WoW-related goodness. Start here and click your way forward a few. The screenshots are actually an homage to classic comics, the links to which can be found at the bottom of each.
  • Thanks for this tip Keyra! Tales from the Crossroads. It's a newcomer to the list, so you know the drill; read through it from the beginning, which I linked, to the end at your leisure, and I'll start linking the latest ones next week.
  • Joseph Smith alerted me to the fact that I missed a Ctrl+Alt+Del comic, which is somewhat NSFW. It's name, which is NSFW if anyone can read your monitor closely enough to make out the word if I were to type it out, implies that you might want to check this when no one is looking. If people monitor the sites you watch, you might want to look at it at home. It's not that bad, really. I just feel that I have to warn you.
  • The Daily Blink: Visit Beautiful Desolace! and Kella Nightbow for D.E.H.T.A. - I love this comic. But the Kella one seriously got me laughing. Now, you won't want to open it at work if people can see your screen because they might misunderstand, and you'd have some fun trying to explain it. Whoever links to the advertisement that it was based on first gets a virtual cookie that I virtually baked. It's also invisible.
  • The Daily Blink: Spoiler Warning! - it is but a minor spoiler that I'm sure you've had spoiled for you already. But if you're particularly wary, then avoid it.
  • The Warcraft Hero in: Fishing for Fun.
  • Sparkly Doom: It Broke Gearscore.
  • World of Warcraft, Eh? - Guest Week #1. I hope your surgery went well!
  • NPC: The Horror. That really is kind of horrifying! The truly horrifying part is that I sat here for a few minutes trying to come up with what it might be, and what popped into my head, I knew, had to be wrong. But then it wasn't. Nighttime Recreation. Then there is Lady Sleepwhisper, which gave me a chuckle.
  • Byron, the Tauren Rogue. Normally I do not list this one, because it is hosted right here at; but it occurred to me that some people might not know that Cady, the Tauren behind World of Warcraft, eh? has been doing this comic as well. It's awesome, so check it out!
  • Torment of the Week: Ultimus Fan Mail #1.
  • Equinox vs. Seafood. This name makes me picture very non-appetizing things.
  • Check out the latest from Guilded Age. Now I have to get that song out of my head.
  • Complex Actions: Are my glowing eyes turned off or something? and Dem0nz.
  • Teh Gladiators: Brewing Them Battle Elixirs.
  • Dark Legacy Comics: More Pets.
  • Daily Quests: Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall. I bet that earned them a lot of Blood Elf business!
  • LFG #325 and #326. That's a pretty rockin' 'stache, I have to admit.
  • Beyond the Tree (labeled correctly this week!): An Informative Dialogue and Moving On.
  • NoObz: Custom Made Hero.
  • The Adventures of Disgraph T. Dwarf: L2RP, Nub.
  • Slash AFK: Pally Achievement.
  • Monkey Punchers: Inevitableness. He's so back.
  • Awkward Zombie: Masturcation (Part 1). Surprisingly, this is perfectly safe for work.
  • Battlemasters: Fight! Smash! Win!
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