We have an agenda: Global Agenda launch day coverage and play with Massively event

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|02.01.10

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We have an agenda: Global Agenda launch day coverage and play with Massively event
The cat's out of the bag! Or perhaps the spies are out of their hexes? Either way, Global Agenda has gone into official launch mode today! We here at Massively can't help to celebrate by looking back at our past coverage of Global Agenda, as we watched the game go from a little team-based TPS to the MMORTS that it is today. If you like commanding, or if you just like shooting people with hi-tech guns, then this might be the game for you!

In any case, we promised you an event to go along with the launch! Tonight, jump in to Global Agenda at 8 PM EST to meet up with Shawn Schuster (Agent Name: Ampersand, Medic) and Seraphina Brennan (Agent Name: Seraphina, Recon!). Both editors will be commanding their own PvP strike teams and will be launching into the queues head first. By the way, don't forget your headset -- it makes team building so much easier. If you don't have one, no worries, just be ready to play.

So, without any further delay, let's take a trip down memory lane and look back at the best of our Global Agenda coverage...
Massively's exclusive tour of Hi-Rez Studios and Global Agenda
Last week, we did a story on the growing game development scene in Georgia, and how government tax incentives have worked to get more digital entertainment companies into the state. Georgia's legislators understand that gaming is an important part of a global economic future, and they're getting their foot in the door early. As part of this story, we visited Hi-Rez Studios, located near the state's capital and largest city of Atlanta.
GDC09: Catching up with Global Agenda
Last year, we had the opportunity to visit Hi-Rez Studios to get one of the first press hands-on looks at Global Agenda. While the game is still in the alpha test now, closed beta is about to begin soon. In order to gear up for these next stages of development, Hi-Rez brought Global Agenda to the GDC audience to try it out for themselves. This is actually the first public hands-on of the game at GDC, so it was a key moment for the team.
Five new Global Agenda fansites to keep your eye on
Hi-Rez Studios recently announced the winners of their Global Agenda fansite contest and taking the top prize is Agenda Source. All winners received beta keys for distribution on their sites and coupons for the Global Agenda Merchandise store, where you can make your own custom T-shirts.
E3 2009: Global Agenda hands-on with executive producer Todd Harris
Global Agenda is coming right along nicely -- we last saw the game in action at GDC, and today at E3, executive producer Todd Harris was nice enough to sit down and show us a never-before-seen part of the game: PvE gameplay.
Global Agenda trailer puts pansy elves in their place
We just had a look at some of the gameplay from Global Agenda at E3, but the latest trailer from Hi-Rez studios is a bit different. It's a more humorous look at the sort of characters that will be found in-game, or rather, the sorts that won't.
Preparing for beta: A video tour of Hi-Rez Studios
Last week, we made the trek down to Hi-Rez Studios in Atlanta, Georgia to get a look at how Global Agenda is shaping up just before the closed beta goes live. As you may remember, we were one of the first MMO news sites to visit the studio in October of last year, and we're happy to see the popularity that the game has enjoyed since then.
GameX 2009: Our hands-on with Global Agenda
It's an MMO, it's a shooter, and we stealthily gathered enemy intelligence on it at GameX 2009. It's Hi-Rez's Global Agenda, the "spy-fi" team based shooter that has lots of people talking in excited whispers.
FAQ That: All about Global Agenda's Conquest mode
So what exactly makes Global Agenda cross the border from persistent FPS to full on MMO? Conquest, my friends! Conquest. And now that the NDA has been lifted, we're free to tell you all about this agency only mode.
Massively Speaking Episode 86: Global Agenda pre-launch interview
Massively Speaking Episode 86 returns this week with special guests Erez Goren and Todd Harris from Hi-Rez Studios. Shawn and Seraphina discuss the pre-launch status of Hi-Rez's Global Agenda, set to launch early next week.
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