Nokia's Ovi Maps Racing now available, makes the world your course

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|02.02.10

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Nokia's Ovi Maps Racing now available, makes the world your course
Since it looks like GT5's still another decade or two away from release, racing gamers need everything they can to survive the wait, and this is just about the most creative way we've seen to do that. At a glance, Nokia's Ovi Maps Racing looks like a pretty simple, standard 2D racer with an overhead view, but its secret sauce lies in the map: it can turn pretty much any street in the world into a racecourse. The game lets you chart out your heated battle using nothing more than Ovi Maps data and your finger, meaning Manhattan, Prague, or your folks' quiet, peaceful neighborhood are all potential targets for your high-speed bedlam. Seems like a great way to inject limitless replay value into an otherwise plain-vanilla racer, doesn't it? It'll work on any of Nokia's Symbian^1 (formerly known as S60 5th Edition) devices, and -- for now, anyway -- it's free. Follow the break for a quick promo video.

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