Symbian's revealing something tomorrow, but what? (update: open source!)

Oh, Symbian, you tease! For an organization as committed to openness and sharing its roadmap (and its code) as the Symbian Foundation, it's pretty unusual that they'd be counting down to a big unveiling of anything -- but sure enough, they've been tweeting decreasing numbers with the hashtag "#symbiancountdown" starting back on January 26 with 108. Today we're down to 12 (it's hard to say what sort of jacked-up counting system they're using here) with a note of "what will tomorrow bring?" so it looks like we can expect this all to go down in just a few short hours. One thought is that they could announce that Symbian^3 has gone Functionally Complete, a key milestone in getting it pushed to devices -- but that's a shot in the dark. Don't disappoint, guys.

Update: Looks like it may be the full source for Symbian^2, the Foundation's first open release.

Update 2: They've gotten around to tossing up a blog post about it, and it's actually Symbian^3 that's going open here, which "will soon be feature complete." Good times.