HTC Legend breaks cover on KPN's site for March launch

We've little doubt at this point that HTC's Legend is definitely real and likely coming to a shop near you, but now we've got what seems to be the first official confirmation by a company that would have authority on the matter. The Netherlands' KPN has thrown up the Legend on its site for availability likely in March, offering the Android-loving Dutch the opportunity to sign up for updates -- in other words, no money's exchanging hands just yet. As far as we can tell, these appear to be official shots of the phone offered up by HTC, so odds are good that KPN simply jumped the gun -- the phone is almost certainly destined for an official unveil either by HTC or a carrier partner at MWC in a few days' time. There are some specs here, too: 256MB of RAM and 512MB of ROM on board, AGPS, WiFi, an FM radio, 3.2-inch display and 5 megapixel camera, making this an honest-to-goodness Hero successor -- and it even looks like the Legend name will be carried over for launch. Any other carriers care to step up and help bust this thing wide open?