Love Struck in Atlantica Online

Shawn Schuster
S. Schuster|02.13.10

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Love Struck in Atlantica Online
It's that time of the year, and love is filling the air. Cupid's arrow hit Atlantica Online big time with the introduction of the Love Struck event, taking place Tuesday, Feb. 9 through Tuesday, Feb. 23.

During the event, players can roam through Atlantica Online and purchase Cacao Beans from Wandering Merchants. These Cacao Beans, in addition to a few other ingredients, can in turn be crafted into sumptuous Valentine's Chocolate. Possible options and ingredients can be found in the Crafting Skill menu, under Food. Also, a player's food crafting rank must be at a level 1 or higher. Want to know more? Keep reading for specific info on available event items.With these Chocolates, players can entice monsters to aid them in a fight. Players can also redeem the Chocolates, through Guide Acong, for in-game items that aid them in their quest for love within Atlantica Online. Players can find a list of items available for trade-in below:

Item Quantity Required # of Chocolates
Blessing License(1 Day/Event) 1 12
Patrol License (Event) 1 3
Auto-Search License (Event) 1 3
Health Check License (Event) 1 3
Teleportation License (Event) 1 9
Auto-Battle License (Event) 1 6

Please join fellow romantics this Valentine's Day season and participate for a chance to give your loved one (or yourself) some much deserved TLC!
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