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Live from Samsung's 2010 MWC press event

Joshua Topolsky
February 14, 2010

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Engadget is live in Barcelona at Samsung's big show. We're expecting the first Bada handset to arrive in all its glory, but who knows what surprises might be in store. Get ready -- the liveblog begins soon!

7:48PM Looks like we're going to do a hands on... hold tight!

7:48PM Okay, presenter dude is back.

7:47PM Hey, a girl just flew out of the center of the stage on some kind of Pink-at-the-Grammys contraption. That was surprising.

7:46PM So far we're not seeing anything that other platforms are offering. Similar social integration as Android and webOS... the App Store, well, you know. The phone looks nice, but isn't mindblowing. The proof is in the pudding though.

7:46PM Another crazy video... in the ocean of course. We might be getting a little seasick here.

7:45PM "I hope you feel the Wave... but there is even more."

7:45PM "Samsung Apps... this is an online space to download applications in a simple way. This is our way of making sure you enjoy your Wave to the maximum. We have everything you need, and more. We plan to invest aggressively in securing high quality applications. You can enjoy downloading, purchasing, and multiple payment options. We've been waiting for this -- it's set to hit more than 50 countries this year."

7:44PM "This is Samsung's most powerful mobile platform. Bada allows developers to easily create applications. Simply put, Bada apps can follow a simple and consistent look and feel. And Bada supports Flash, so it's deeper and richer."

7:43PM "Let's continue into the third ocean... Bada platform and Samsung Apps."

7:42PM No QWERTY keyboard onscreen yet from the looks of things.

7:41PM "Second, Ultimate Inbox... to check email, SMS, MMS, Twitter, MySpace... all on one page. Of course you can see separately, but combining is so much more convenient. Here we have the Push Calendar, Google, Facebook... all in one screen." Wow, the calendar looks just like Android's.

7:40PM Quick links to Facebook comments / updates from your contact cards.

7:40PM "Social Hub, integrated contacts... this is your contact list, but everything is integrated." Looks like they're going for a Synergy thing here, seems to combine lots of services, Gmail, Facebook... the usual suspects.

7:39PM Whoa... ocean 2... Social Hub!

7:38PM "Next, the CPU. The Wave has a 1GHz application processor. It's the most powerful mobile processor available. It lets you work much faster than you're used to." The UI does look incredibly fast... but this is just a CGI demo. We'll be getting a hands on soon.

7:37PM Ah... Samsung is using a window pane very similar to Android for app control and updates.

7:37PM TouchWIZ UI 3.0... "The Wave can make your life easier and more systematically organized, so you can have 10 homescreens... that's right, 10." Looks like 10 widget filled screens. They've definitely cleaned up the UI. But is Samsung using the S60 font here? It sure looks like it.

7:36PM "The Wave's design is seamless Onebody phone made of aluminum."

7:35PM Super AMOLED display... "When it comes to AMOLED, we all agree that Samsung is the world's best. However, we've done it again. More innovation. With the previous AMOLED, you had to use attach a separate touch sensor to the panel... well not anymore, and now it reflects five times less light. So you can use it indoors as well as outdoors."

7:33PM This is like a screensaver on acid.

7:33PM "Sit back and enjoy the ride. Our first ocean is as brilliant and colorful as the Wave." Another video now... the Wave is floating through the ocean.

7:33PM "I'm here to tell you all about the Wave. Simply put, you have never seen a mobile more beautiful or capable."

7:32PM "Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Wave." Says our snappy announcer. "We're talking breakthrough thinking here that will have an impact on the smartphone industry. Please welcome Thomas Richter (wow!)."

7:31PM Samsung Wave! Hey, what do you know!

7:31PM Wow. Epic video of flying neon bubbles.

7:31PM And things are winding down. "And now, it's time to unpack the latest Samsung Mobile"

7:29PM How do these dancers represent the democratization of smartphones? We don't know, but they certainly represent toned abs.

7:28PM Well, except there's no Lady Gaga here. And no one is covered in blood... yet.

7:27PM Have you ever seen Lady Gaga perform? This is like that times a million. Plus 5.

7:27PM Wait, no! Dancers! Yes!

7:27PM Lights are down. Whoa, MODELS ON THE RUNWAY. Go figure.

7:26PM "They create a new mobile eco system, and it's different from others. It's an ecosystem which will make smartphones more democratic. The smartphone era should not be an exclusive club. We will help with the democratization of the smartphone. Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy the rest of the show."

7:25PM "These are the three parts of our strategy: innovation, support, and openness."

7:25PM "For devs, it offers open and flexible choices, for consumers it offers low cost and options. And Samsung Apps, we launched last year in 3 countries... this year we are rolling out Samsung Apps in more than 50 countries."

7:24PM "In the next few months we will launch Bada, which means ocean in Korean, and our own application store of apps. Those of you who know Samsung that when we dedicate ourselves to a new opportunity we play to win... Bada is the key driver of our smartphone strategy. We are making a total commitment to its success."

7:23PM "Samsung's revenue streams do not compete with carriers, and this will not change. We are proactively supporting carriers that bring in more revenue for everyone..." More revenue for the consumer too? Oh... no?

7:22PM "Simply put, hardware drives software, allowing it to fulfill its potential."

7:22PM "A smartphone revolution is underway, a hardware revolution is underway too. The hardware side doesn't get enough attention, but Samsung is the market leader. Our AMOLED displays are the best touchscreens in the industry. Likewise, we're a leader in computing power. Our 1GHz chip makes our phones the fastest on the market."

7:21PM "How can we do it?"

7:20PM "This is the smartphone era. We want to make the smartphone era available for everyone. A true democracy." Certainly seems to be a dig here at pricier smartphones. "We'll make smartphones available to everyone."

7:19PM "This year is a time for transformation. Tech is evolving at a rapid pace. But the most important transformation is taking place in the mind of the consumer. They no longer want phones just for voice... they seem the phones as communication hubs. A way to communicate with friends, family, and the world. It's not just for enterprise, not just for wealthy consumers... or for any specific lifestyle. It's a democratic experience."

7:18PM "Our mobile business grew 16% last year. In the same period, the industry was down 8%. The main driving force of our growth was because we became #1 in full touch mobile phones. This shows the core of our strategy. We provide touch phones for every market, every level."

7:17PM "Good evening. This year's MWC is taking place at an exciting time. We're at the most dynamic period of the mobile space ever. It is transforming people's lives. Tonight I would like to display our vision to enrich the experience. First, a quick look at 2009..."

7:16PM "MWC doesn't start till tomorrow, but as usual we're ahead of the game. It's the first wave in high quality smartphones... does it really usher in a new era in personal choice and power? First let's set the context for its arrival. Please welcome the head of Samsung Mobile... JK Shin."

7:15PM "Welcome everyone... apologies for the delay. We hope you're ready for a multimedia experience. My name is Jake Humphry... welcome to episode one... there's more to follow. We'll unpack the latest in Samasung's mobile phones."

7:14PM "Welcome to Samsung Unpacked... Episode 1."

7:13PM We guess Samsung wanted to be sure that we knew they weren't joking around. The room is quivering.

7:13PM Okay, lights are down... and waves are splashing across every wall here. Massive massive bass as well.

7:10PM Hey, Samsung is only an hour and ten minutes late for its own event. Let's hope this new OS is snappier.

7:07PM There are tall, modelish ladies all over this place. Will their be a catwalk situation happening? We're facepalming already.

7:05PM Okay... looks like we're set to begin. Hold tight everyone.

6:58PM We're in the front row, but off to the side... let's hope they 360 this stuff.

6:56PM Okay! We're finally in some seats here. The whole stage is set up like a runway for models in a bad sci-fi movie... but with the soothing sounds of waves in the background.

6:31PM Well, we're hanging out in some kind of holding pen for wayward bloggers. No, we don't know what is happening, but apparently we're going to be shuffled into another space for the real event. Hang tight... something is bound to happen here!

6:09PM Samsung's late, still getting everyone registered. It's all a bit chaotic at the moment... and cold, very very cold.

5:45PM We're inside the Fira Gran Via center waiting to be let into the event. Should be getting started in about 15 minutes.

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