LG launches Skinny Frame plasma HDTVs, hates on bezels

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|02.17.10

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LG launches Skinny Frame plasma HDTVs, hates on bezels
LG launches Skinny Frame plama HDTVs, hates on bezels
If you needed another reason to not stop believin' in plasma, look to LG. The company is introducing a pair of the sets in its home market of Korea dubbed "Skinny Frame," a reference to the 25mm thin border around the panels -- which honestly isn't mind-blowingly thin, but nobody likes beefy bezels, right? The sets are available in 50- and 60-inch sizes, both offering 600Hz refresh rates, automatic contrast adjustment based on lighting conditions, and the ability to play photos and videos from a connected USB drive. Not bad, but at 1,700,000 and 3,800,000 won ($1,150 $1,500 and $3,325) they're not cheap, either.
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