Newegg drops prices on 50 Cent, Metal Slug 7, and more

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Newegg drops prices on 50 Cent, Metal Slug 7, and more
Thanks to Newegg, you can grab 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand for a price closer than ever to 50 cents. As part of a "blowout" sale, you can pick up 50 for $9.99 on Xbox 360, or $12.99 on PS3 (a paltry 300 Cent more) with free shipping. If that's not the particular style of bullet-ridden gameplay you seek, why not grab Metal Slug 7 on DS for just $9? Or incite real violence in your home with Singstar -- available on its own for $10, or with two microphones for $25, with Volume 2 also down to $10.

Many of the other deals are questionable, but they're also cheap. Maybe you didn't care about Beowulf on PSP, but you probably care a little more now that it's $4. And $14 is a much more reasonable price for the chance to enjoy Castlevania Judgment's brutally insane cutscenes and actually kind of enjoyable gameplay. Click the following links to browse the sale by platform. Happy impulse purchasing!
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