Sony Ericsson CEO: Google asked us to build the Nexus One, we refused

Aw, why don't these CEOs say stuff like this in press conferences? Sony Ericsson's head Bert Nordberg has shared with Swedish publication Sydsvenskan the rather salacious news that his company was asked to build the so-called Google phone before HTC... and it turned down the opportunity. Fearing brand dilution or something equally crazy, Nordberg states that Sony Ericsson is committed to building only its own-branded hardware and will not be a subcontractor to anyone. Haughty words from a company whose own Android device is still a good couple of months away from hipsters' pockets, but we're sure Bert knows best. After all, it's not like HTC got a ton of positive press and brand awareness out of its partnership with Google, and it's exceptionally clear that SE doesn't need a dime of additional revenue. Oh, wait.

[Thanks, Michael N]