Metal Gear Arcade's head-tracking 3D glasses exposed!

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Metal Gear Arcade, which has been sneaking under the radar since its unveiling last June, is playable at Japan's AOU Expo this week. To mark the occasion, Konami has released a new trailer and two new screenshots of the Metal Gear Online–based arcade cabinet. The trailer is available on the game's website.

Konami has also provided a first look at the 3D glasses used to enable the game's "Integral Vision" effect. It's going to be totally worth putting on those goofy glasses, even after some sweaty guy just used them: not only do they create a 3D effect, the glasses also enable head-tracking. Where you look, Snake looks. To further immerse you in the experience, Metal Gear Arcade also has a mic for voice chat and a giant speaker system surrounding your head. !.
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