New and improved Clover coming to PC on March 3 (update)

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New and improved Clover coming to PC on March 3 (update)
If the Xbox-less among you have been jonesing to try Binary Tweed's independent platform-puzzler Clover, you'll get your chance to play a PC port of the game in the coming weeks. A press release from the studio has revealed the game will be released "via a range of download services" on March 3. No price point for the game was specified, though the 360 version of the game sells for 400, so we're guessing it'll be within spitting distance of five bucks -- just to be safe, we've contacted the developer to find out.

As we've mentioned before, the PC version of the game has seen significant improvements over its Indie Games iteration, including tighter controls, English, French and Spanish dialogue tracks, an expanded soundtrack, and in-game text that doesn't make you want to claw out your own eyes. Sounds like this one's the version to get!

Update: The game's developer just sent over the game's various international prices -- we're looking at a $9.99 price tag, while other territories will have to shell out £5.99 and €6.99.

USD 9.99
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