P.B. Winterbottom competition underway, global pie deficit looming

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When we look at the charming puzzler The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom, we don't think of it as a high-stakes competitive sport; however, 2K Play and The Odd Gentlemen recently announced a contest for the game's speedy completionists. Each week for the next month, a level from the game will be designated as a gruesome battleground, where players with the top ten fastest times will be eligible to receive P.B. Winterbottom-branded 360 faceplates and t-shirts.

Click past the jump to see the four levels on which you should start tirelessly practicing your insidious pie-thieving craft.
Monday Feb 22-28th
Purloined Pastries : High- Falutin Heist

Monday March 1st-7th
Clock Work Capers : Cream of the Clock

Monday March 8th-14th
Clock Work Capers : The Clock Strikes Savory

Monday March 15th-21st
Backstage Banditry : Perilous Ingestions
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