Time Is Money: Felwood's wildlife

Amanda Miller
A. Miller|02.22.10

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Time Is Money: Felwood's wildlife

Kebina Trudough here, offering you the best gold making secrets they don't want you to know about! I was like you once, poor and homely, before I discovered my patented system. Now you too can fill your pockets with the good stuff without ever breaking a sweat! Why spend all your time toiling when you could be vacationing in the Hot Springs? I'm not offering these tips for 100 gold, or 90 gold, or even 50 gold! No, not even 20 gold! My system is yours for FREE! Satisfaction guaranteed or I'll give you a full refund (handling charges may apply). After all, Time Is Money.

Today, I'm going to talk to you about a way to make money skinning in Felwood, although similarly leveled zones work as well. This can be done with higher level characters or those who are at-level (50-60), although it moves more quickly if you have a character capable of chain pulling without having to stop to eat or drink or run back to your corpse all the time.

If you don't have a skinner that is a high enough level, you really should get one. Leather sells consistently well, and is very easily gathered. In fact, you could get one today! Create a Death Knight, train skinning, and go on a rampage, starting with a low level starter zone and working your way up.

Now that we've settled that, let's get down to the particulars.

Where: I like Felwood, but Northern Winterspring is great too. There are cats and bears there, as well as the occasional chimaera that have plenty of leather. Their loot should be similarly lucrative; however, today's article will be detailing the bears and wolves of Felwood. It has unusually packed pockets of desirable mobs. Go to either side of the main path and move up and down the province killing wolves and bears. Bears are more lucrative, but in some areas they share a spawn point, so if you avoid the wolves, you'll be stuck with nothing but wolves! As always, come prepared with near empty bags!

Primary Goal: Your main goal here will be to pick up as much Rugged Leather as possible. You will also end up with Thick Leather, and occasionally, hides. I don't recommend keeping the hides, as they do not sell well in my experience. However, if you have the space, keep them for the vendor. Let's take a look at your potential profit, shall we?

Rugged Leather: This sells anywhere from about 20g (Wowhead) to 28g (high point on my server) per stack. That's a minimum of 1g per 1 piece of leather!

Thick Leather: This also sells easily, but not for as much. Wowhead cites the average price as 5g per stack, making it only 25s per 1 piece. However, on my server, I frequently get away with selling it for 8-12g per stack.

Secondary Goals: You will pick up a lot of junk while looting the animals, but not all of it is worth keeping. The lists are in descending order, from most lucrative to least.

Bears (Angerclaw Bear/Grizzly/Mauler)

  • Bear Flank - *Auctionable!* While this may appear to be junk, this particular item is one of the best ways in which to level Cooking from 250-285/295! The recipes for Charred Bear Kabobs and Juicy Bear Burgers can be purchased by both factions from their respective vendors in Felwood. Because of its usefulness, I've been able to auction it for about 1g-5g per 1 flank. Wowhead estimates a price of about 1g per 1 flank. These will stack to 20 in your bag, so definitely do not discard them! Don't bother vendoring them either; even if you sell them for cheap on the AH, the vendor price is only 37c per flank!
  • Bear Jaw - Stacks to 10. They vendor for 8s98c per, and will net you 89s80c for a full stack.
  • Savage Bear Claw - Stacks to 10. Each one vendors for 5s78c, granting you 57s80c per stack.
  • Bear Organ - Stacks to 10. They vendor for 5s3c each, giving you 50s30c per stack.
  • Large Bear Bone - These do not stack. Each one vendors for 14s84c. Because of the bag space that these take up, they are relatively worthless. If you don't mind heading to a vendor relatively often, of course, then don't destroy them!
  • Wicked Claw - These are relatively worthless, but again, if you have space, keep them to sell to a vendor. They only stack to 5, and sell for 5s each, or 25s per stack.
Wolves (Felpaw Ravager/Scavenger/Wolf)
  • Tender Wolf Meat - *Auctionable!* Wowhead estimates this at about 1g each at auction, making them worth about 20g per stack. However, I find that wolf meats do not sell as readily as many other products; but it is up to you. A vendor will purchase it for only 1s50c each, or 30s per stack.
  • Red Wolf Meat - *Auctionable!* Wowhead estimates that this sells at auction for 5s each and stacks to 20, making it worth about 1g per stack. It vendors for 87c, or 17s4c per stack.
  • Large Trophy Paw - Stacks to 5. Each sells for 9s37c, so each stack goes for 46s85c.
  • Thick Furry Mane - Stacks to 5. Each sells for 8s12c; each stack, for 40s60c.
  • Wicked Claw (see above)
  • Leather can be listed at higher prices if there is not much on the auction house. Don't go crazy; stick to the recommended maximums I've laid out here until you get a feel for what it can sell for on your server at such times.Often, you will see less than one full AH page of leather, which is an excellent time to list.
  • Be prepared to make several trips to the nearby outposts to sell junk to vendors and to mail auctionables to a banking alt, or at least to an alt currently parked in a city with an auction house.

Stay tuned for more tips to help you make piles of gold on Time Is Money. Kebina Trudough is dishing the dirt on coveted gold-making secrets, and you won't want to miss out! Check out my guide to making 45 gold in under 20 minutes, or find out how to make the most of your time in Storm Peaks. Have too many emblems? Learn how to turn your emblems into gold!

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