WoW Moviewatch: Bad Romance by MichelleLynn

Michael Gray
M. Gray|02.22.10

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WoW Moviewatch: Bad Romance by MichelleLynn
Bad Romance by MichelleLynn isn't the first video on WoW Moviewatch to feature the song of the same named by Lady Gaga. I don't know what it is about the lyrics and music that seems to inspire people, but she certainly seems to come up a lot. The first video was also titled Bad Romance, and was the creation of Quixotica.

MichelleLynn is relatively new to machinima, which makes this first piece of work fairly impressive. The character models she used all feel appropriate to Gaga's song, and I liked the way she set up and transitioned from shot to shot. I will confess that I couldn't make heads or tails of the video's story, however. It seemed like there was some kind of narrative that MichelleLynn wanted to convey, but I just couldn't piece it together. Maybe it was something about a love triangle?

Like I said, though, this version of Bad Romance was pretty nice for someone so new to machinima. I hope that she gets enough encouragement to continue, since I think she could really go somewhere in the medium. I would just try to make the story a bit more transparent.

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