Motorola shows off Kopin Golden-i wearable computer

Our dreams of an actually useful wearable computer have still yet to materialize, but the second-generation Kopin Golden-i concept -- now inconspicuously Motorola-branded -- is an interesting attempt. It's based around a head mounted, magnified SVGA LCD that is meant to be "glanceable" while the user remains aware of their surroundings. The Windows CE-chugging, OMAP3530-powered computer onboard is voice controlled and also motion sensing (for cursor control), and can hook up with other devices over Bluetooth, WiFi and USB. Of course, it remains to be seen if software can make something like this truly usable, but it certainly looks like the hardware is all there -- and the form factor isn't pure tragedy either. Check out the Charbax-infused video demo of the device after the break.