Sony Style stores proclaimed 3D ready, are you?

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Richard Lawler
February 23rd, 2010
Sony Style stores proclaimed 3D ready, are you?
Last we'd heard, some of Sony's retail locations had 3D capable displays in to show off, but no software to run on them. Today the company has announced all 42 Sony Style stores are equipped with LX900, HX900 and HX800 series BRAVIA LCDs ready to show 3DTV to the world. If the new technology has any chance of success in the home, eyes-on demos will be key since it's not a difference easily explained without experience, something its competitor Panasonic is also familiar with, judging by its plans for a nationwide tour and VP Bob Perry's statement that "if a retailer cannot properly display it we will not allow them to sell it." We got our eyes on plenty of 3D during CES, but for most of you a trip to the store will be necessary to check out the latest and (hopefully) greatest, let us know in the comments if it impressed.
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