HTC Supersonic (or Incredible) spotted on video?

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|02.26.10

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HTC Supersonic (or Incredible) spotted on video?
It's impossible to say with certainty what we're looking at here, but by all appearances, this is likely the first time most of you (and all of us) have seen HTC's so-called Supersonic on video. As a refresher, this is the phone rumored to be rocking Android, WiMAX, and pretty much every other spec line item you could possibly want for a date with destiny on Sprint later this year -- and while you can't make out much from the 40-second video, you can clearly make out the red earpiece grill we've seen in past pictures, suggesting that this isn't the similarly-equipped Incredible we've heard of for Verizon. Anyhow, care to get dinner and a movie sometime this Summer, Supersonic? Follow the break for the full video.

Update: ...and that was quick! Video's been pulled, but if it's any consolation, there's not much more to it than the screen grab above. We'll leave the video after the break just in case it comes back online.

Update 2: New video posted after the break! Yay! Also, commenters have astutely noted that there appears to be some sort of nav pad at the bottom of the phone, something the Supersonic lacks -- so perhaps this is the Incredible after all, or a third Android superphone out of HTC. Clearly, we're not complaining if that's the case.

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