iPhones you'll want to sink your teeth into

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iPhones you'll want to sink your teeth into
We've had coverage of other iPhone edibles before, in particular the many cakes that have been created since the iPhone first came to life in 2007.

Now, via Cult of Mac comes word of iPhone cookies from several bakeries around the globe. The first, as seen in the photo at right, is from the Green Gables Bakery in Japan. It has a "camera" indent on the back, a nicely framed display on the front side, and icing app icons and markings all around. These cookies appear to be made of gingerbread, which should be enough to make you begin drooling.

Some hungry iPhone-o-philes might want their iPhone cookies to appear a bit more realistic, which is apparently why Chicago-based Sugarbeez is making the photorealistic consumables seen after the link below. These cookies appear to use the edible and inkjet-able frosting sheets that are used by many cake professionals. Which does seem very tasty and all

Isn't it fascinating how nobody ever wants to make a Windows Phone cookie?
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