Sunday Morning Funnies: Big tongues vs puppy men

Amanda Miller
A. Miller|02.28.10

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Big tongues vs puppy men
This week, we have several newcomers to the list! I love having new comics; you never know what will become a core feature for each week's entertainment.

For last week's trivia, there were so many winners, that I'm frankly just too lazy to list them all. You guys did a great job, although the consensus did seem to be aimed at Frankenstein and its famous comedic little brother, Young Frankenstein. This is going to require some sort of mass prize awarding distribution system (MPADS).

First, I shall create a virtual and imaginary, but giant, Frankenstein's monster pinata. I might duct tape it on the inside just to make you work for it; your epics should be able to get through it in time. Inside, there will be toast, poutine, a white Christmas, a family of elephant shrews wearing tiny berets, and butter tarts with a side of real maple syrup, topped with Smarties. There will also be enough ascots for all.

This week's trivia question can be found buried within the comic list, so you'd better get cracking! Bonus extra trivia points if you can tell me which of the above virtual and imaginary prizes does not belong (not counting the ascots or the toast - those were just necessary) and why.
  • Away From Reality: This is one of the newer comics for the list, and I'm pretty excited about it. I'm going to give you a general link this week so that you can poke around, and next week I'll start listing only the most up to date comic entries.
  • Another new comic: Enter World. This page is very fitting because it is an entry page.
  • Have you spotted the trend yet? Yep, I'm listing the newcomers first. Coffin Comics: Evolution of Gnome. Again, though, I encourage you to poke around the website.
  • Last but not least (I told you there were a lot of new ones), K's Grab Bag: Insults and Injury. I had to list that one because I identify; but you can find the archive under Categories on the right-hand side. There's a link along the top bar that suggests that you could find it there as well, but it didn't work out for me.
  • On to the regulars! Slash AFK: Girl Power.
  • Daily Quests: Always Listen to Your Elders. They're back, and everything is stable! Hooray! If you scroll down, you can even see a drawing that Fyreuni made to showcase versatility as an artist as a try-out for a job. I find it really interesting to watch the artwork in these comics develop over time, but we are rarely treated to extras from another style! I love it.
  • Here is another relevant Guilded Age, although it is the second-latest. If you follow the storyline, click back a few to pick up from last week.
  • NPC: Sushi Date. Actually, in that top, I think it is sweet that he was looking at her teeth. The Protector and Nerd Rage.
  • LFG #333. I chuckled! Also, #334.
  • Torment of the Week: Orc-a-nomics Part 2.
  • Byron, the Tauren Rogue!
  • WoW, eh: Dumb Puppy-Men. Yay it's back! I've been needing to know what's going to happen. Also, if that last little... creature... that she is holding were blue, what would it remind you of? Bonus points if you answer this trivia question by guessing what it reminds me of!
  • Beyond the Tree: We Seem to Have Dropped an Ogre and Defias Under Duress.
  • Complex Actions: Necrokleptomania. I love this one, but I particularly like the way in which the second frame transitions into the third, which is a memory.
  • Equinox vs Two Evils.
  • Dark Legacy Comics: Balloon.
  • The Daily Blink: Have a Khadgar Bar. This is pure awesomeness. You'll Have to Check That Trinket. Also, Warlocks Have Crowd Control.
  • Teh Gladiators: She Was Quite Impressed... For A While.
  • Tales from the Crossroads: Finger-Lickin' Good!
  • Ctrl-Alt-Del talks about Gearscore.
  • Sparkly Doom: Sons of... Oh Dear. Read the text underneath too!
  • The Adventures of Disgraph T. Dwarf: For the Gnomerland (1). I love Disgraph update days!
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