Live from the Red Carpet: E! Online mobile app relaunched for Oscars

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Live from the Red Carpet: E! Online mobile app relaunched for Oscars
Just in time for the Academy Awards on Sunday, March 7th (when you should be participating in the TUAW Talkcast...), E! Entertainment has relaunched the popular E! Online mobile app.

When we say popular, we mean it -- there are apparently over 1.4 million iPhone and Android users who enjoy their celebrity and entertainment news direct from the free app. The new version of the app includes the "E! Talk Box," which gives users a chance to record their own video commentary for possible inclusion on E! and/or E! Online. While your chances of getting your video snippet on the air are probably slim, at least you can finally talk back to the TV.

Part of the app update includes a new carousel navigation menu above the news section (see photo at right) that highlights coverage during the award season with special videos and a "Live from the Red Carpet" section.

You no longer need to tear yourself away from your iPhone or iPod touch to watch E! shows. The app, for better or for worse, lets you watch complete episodes of such favorites as Keeping Up with the Kardashians and The Soup. (Update: According to E!, you can download the episodes from within the app, but you actually watch them in iTunes).

If all you want is the scoop on your favorite celebs, you can also create a custom celeb list and get the news delivered directly to your iPhone or iPod touch.

The free app is available in the iTunes Store now. Be sure to let TUAW know if your iPhone submission to the E! Talk Box gets on the air.
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