Walk the Silkroad and take a crack at making your own weapon

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|03.01.10

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Walk the Silkroad and take a crack at making your own weapon
Good news, massively loyal Massively readers! Well, good news for those among you with a creative streak in you. We've teamed up with the guys behind Silkroad Online, Joymax, for a pretty cool contest that we're quite excited about. How would you guys like to make a weapon for Silkroad Online?

All you have to do is pull out your artistic skills and craft the best weapon you can make. Keep in mind that Silkroad's theme is Eastern fantasy, so try to use the theme to your advantage. You can draw, paint, or even sculpt your fantasy weapon for this contest!

Best of all, it's not the developers who will be judging this contest. Nope! It's your good friends here at Massively picking the winners! Prizes include a special Silkroad Online in-game weapon enchanted with Seal of Sun, earrings enchanted with Seal of Sun, and 5,000 skill points for your Silkroad characters! But be quick, this contest ends on March 31st!

For the full rules of the contest, skip along after the break!

Full rules for the Silkroad Online Weapon Making contest:

• Weapons must be unique works and cannot infringe on other works.
• Images can be hand drawn, digitally rendered and may also be constructed from real world materials.
• All weapons must be named and should have a story to go along with the history and creation of it.
• Images and content must be free of any types of illegal, racist, sexist, sexual or objectionable material. Entries that violate this rule will be dismissed.
• Submissions must include Server, Character Name and contact email.
• Offensive character names or characters with ban history will not be considered.

The contest will follow along with the standard Joystiq Network giveaway rules, which can be found here. Please note that our giveaways are only open to residents of the United States and Canada, aged 18 and older (except Quebec. Sorry Quebec!)

How to submit your entry:

To submit your contest entry, e-mail your scanned drawing, painting, or pictures of your sculpted weapon to either Shawn@massively.com with the subject "Silkroad Contest Submission." The staff will then choose the first place winner, second place winner, and three third place winners.

What you can win:

First Place Prize: A Seal of Sun weapon for your Silkroad Online character, based on the weapon they're already using.
Second Place Prize: A set of Seal of Sun enchanted earrings for your Silkroad Online character.
Third Place Prize (Three Winners): 5,000 SP for your Silkroad Online character.

Contest Deadline: March 31st, 2010. Winners will be announced on the Silkroad Online website and Massively.com on April 5th, 2010.

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