Archos 7 Home Tablet (and PMPs) hands-on

Why hello there, Archos. My, what nice Android you have there. Tucked away in a little booth at CeBIT, the PMP maker was showcasing its latest 7-inch Home Tablet. Unfortunately, it was pretty barebones as far as content goes, but the vanilla Android 1.6 was running smooth, and if company precedence indicates anything, the video playback is still fairly solid. The selling point here, really, is a decent screen and that $200 or so price tag. No dice on espying Archos 8, though; we've passed by the company's booth twice now, and both times it had yet to be sent to the show floor. Instead, on hand were the A14VG and AV15VS, but there isn't a lot to say about music players with the same feature set you'd find in PMPs sold at grocery stores -- there's definitely a market, but it's targeted at your wallet more than your desire for cutting edge goods. Video of Archos 7 after the break. %Gallery-86988% %Gallery-87152%