Nikon says it's developing a competitor to Canon's G11

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Well, here's something you don't hear everyday -- a Nikon exec saying that Canon's PowerShot G11 is the "benchmark" against which other compact cameras are measured. According to Nikon UK's senior product manager Kevin Egan, however, that may not be the case for much longer, as he says that Nikon is now developing a new Coolpix model that will give the G11 a run for its money. That word comes from an interview in the latest issue of Amateur Photographer, in which Egan also revealed that the camera will use "combine some of the technology of Nikon's DSLRs with the build quality of a high-end Coolpix." What's more, Egan said that Nikon has actually planned to introduce the camera alongside its latest batch of Coolpix models, but that it wasn't quite ready. No official word on when that new release date might be, but Nikon has already begun teasing something ahead of a press event on March 8th.
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