Operation Gnomeregan: Transcripts and details

Gregg Reece
G. Reece|03.04.10

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WARNING: This post is chock full of spoilers. Spoilers like you would not believe. If you'd like to be surprised about the Operation Gnomeregan and what is contained within, I wouldn't recommend continuing onward. If, however, you are clamoring for more information, read on!

A lot of new sound bites have popped up in the latest PTR patch build for 3.3.3. After some digging, listening, and arranging, we've figured out the basic script of the Operation Gnomeregan event. There's a lot of good gnomish humor in there as well as an explanation of events to come. Please note that this is just an assembly of transcripts from all of the sound files put in what appears to be a proper order.

High Tinker Mekkatorque: Citizens and friends of Gnomeregan, today is the day we take back our city from that vile traitor Thermaplugg. Gather around me as we prepare to reclaim our homeland.

Mekkatorque: No more shall our people live as refugees, as outcasts, as wretched irradiated slaves chained to the yoke of a madman's war machine!

Mekkatorque: The end of Thermaplugg's reign draws near! Gather now at the staging area!

Mekkatorque: Our tactics, our science, our bravery and determination shall prevail! The assault begins in but a moment.
Phase One:
Mekkatorque: Operation Gnomeregan begins now! Initiate phase one: Recapture the enemy airfield. Destroy their rocket launchers to achieve total air superiority!

Mekkatorque: Targets in sight! Squads deploy! Destroy all enemy rocket launchers.

Mekkatorque: Haha! That's one down! Keep attacking!

Mekkatorque: Hahaha! That's another one destroyed! Maintain the assault.

Mekkatorque: Excellent work! Don't let up!
Phase Two:
Mekkatorque: The airfield is ours and with it, the skies over Gnomeregan. Now, our multi-bombers can obliterate Thermaplugg's shielded tank-buster cannons. Initiate phase two: capture the surface command post.

Mekkatorque: Our multi-bombers have destroyed the tank-buster cannon shield. Take them down and secure the surface command post!
Phase Three:
Mekkatorque: Haha! We've secured the surface! Operation Gnomeregan is proceeding with 93% efficiency! Well done everyone. I'll shut down the defensive radiation pumps. Squads, commandeer the remaining mechanized suits and move up to the main entry.

Mekkatorque: We stand at the brink of victory my friends! Initiate phase three: into the tunnels! Once we've captured the underground railway and loading dock we'll use them to make a rapid attack on the heart of the city.

Mekgineer Thermaplugg [over the city PA system]: Never! Wait? Is this thing on? Is it... this... button? Testing? Testing? Ah-ha. *ahememem* Never! Gnomeregan is mine Mekkatorque! You think you'll just march into my city? Activate the expendable atomic defense system! Drive forth the troggs!

Mekkatorque: My gears... that's got to be every last trogg in the city! SQUADS! Dig in! Frag bombs... and suppressing fire! Hold the line, we won't be turned back now!

No, no, no, no! I won't allow you into my kingdom, usurper! I won't allow it! Activate the ultimate atomic protection system! Disintegrate them all!

Mekkatorque: Sweet baby titans! That's got to be the biggest trogg I've ever seen! Keep fireing! Take it down!

Mekkatorque: It's too quiet... where are Thermaplugg's defense forces?

Mekkatorque: What is that? It looks like the radiation bomb that poisoned Gnomeregan... Incoming!

Mekkatorque: It's a trap! That's a fully functional irradiator!

Thermaplugg: It is! And twenty-six more times powerful than the first. You've failed, Mekkatorque. I could have destroyed you before you even set forth into my precious city! Now DIE! .... Hehehehe, I'd love to see that old cog's face... what... it's still on? Well turn it off!

Computer: Irradiator 3000 activated. Attention: Emergency. You now have 10 minutes to reach minimum safe distance.

Mekkatorque: Ten minutes?! HAH! Plenty of time to disarm the device. Hinkles! Hand me that whirring bronze gizmo and some fresh spring water. Cogspin! Toss me that dirty trogg cloth and a handful of copper bolts.

Thermaplugg: Ten minutes!? You left the factory setting on...? Give me that controller! You idiot!

Computer: Attention: Emergency. You now have ten seconds to reach minimum safe distance.

Mekkatorque: Wha-huh! We've gotta get out of here! Lapforge! Beam us back, quickly!
Mekkatorque: Curses, we had to fall back. ...But Thermaplugg's lost and he knows it. He's only bought himself time... We hold the surface and when the radiation clears, we'll assault and recapture Gnomeregan with a force twice this size!
It sounds like we'll be keeping the Gnomeregan instance just where it is with Mekgineer Thermaplugg exactly where he is. However, upper Gnomeregan should be back under the control of High Tinker Mekkatorque and the rest of the Gnomeregan exiles giving them back their own major city. However, this is all speculation and we'll have to wait for the event in order to find out.

If you want to hear the sound clips, check out this compilation by Youtube user Oxymoronable.
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