Michael Ironside: Splinter Cell: Conviction's story is 'more human'

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Michael Ironside is like one of those dudes you respect so much, he could show up at your house, eat the last of your Nilla Wafers, break your Solid Snake figurine collection while tracking mud all over the house and you'd still love him afterward. He's got unlimited clout and his job as the voice of Sam Fisher, protagonist in Splinter Cell: Conviction, is just one of the many respectable bullet points the man has on his resume.

In that vein, we thought it appropriate to point out the brief video interview with Mr. Ironside above, which discusses coming back to the character for the fifth time and how this time around, the dialogue was "emotionally richer" than what he's used to. Frankly, we don't buy that. We were a mess when Lt. Rasczak bought the farm in Starship Troopers -- a performance that was about as emotionally rich as they come.
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