Lost Planet 2 trailer gets big

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Lost Planet 2 trailer gets big
Capcom heralds "Kill Big" as the tagline for a new Lost Planet 2 trailer -- and you can certainly see why after the break. The trailer's full of big vehicles -- big trains and big helicopter things, all carrying big dudes with big guns and big armor, wearing big helmets with big cylindrical ears. Those big dudes are shooting their big guns at gigantic Akrid and sometimes manning big mechs too.

Everything about Lost Planet 2 is big, in fact -- except for Capcom's video player. It's merely okay-sized. Thankfully, we've got a reasonably-sized YouTube version. So, pick up your Big Gulp of Big Red and take a big sip as you give your mouse a big click to head past the break. And, if you're really big on Lost Planet, join the other obsessives in picking apart the trailer.
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