Advance leaks from Famitsu and Dengeki shed more light on Final Fantasy XIV

The first round of testing is just around the corner, and for some people that means that Final Fantasy XIV is holding much more mental real estate than the just-released Final Fantasy XIII. All things considered, information is likely to start coming fast and furious as soon as the testing opens, but some advance copies of Famitsu and Dengeki Playstation have made their way into the hands of people who just can't wait another day. FFXIVCore has helpfully translated the information available, which already paints an interesting picture of how the game will play.

Fighting is confirmed to be on the move, with a strong emphasis on positioning and MP conservation. We've also got some picture of how the classes will play, with Pugilists inheriting a workalike to Provoke and Gladiators inheriting Phalanx and Shield Bash, albeit with different characteristics. There's also talk about Miners and Blacksmiths working in parties, pointing out utility for gathering or crafting disciplines in groups. We've also got a little information on the Illusionist, meaning most likely that an official site update is on the way. With testing beginning soon, expect Final Fantasy XIV information to become more and more available -- but what we're hearing so far definitely sounds like a good ride.