Free Realms adds new pegasus, horse, ponies, and more!

The Free Realms team has been crazy busy at work lately creating all manner of new things that players have been clamoring for. With the recent addition of dragon and dinosaur mounts came the call for horses for players to ride. As such, they introduced new horse mounts, but then added even more fun in the form of pegasus rides as well!

The horses are available for members to pick up at 450 Station Cash each. The White-Nosed Mares are colored in fantasy-like style -- pink, purple, blue, pure white and more -- while the Stallion model features more traditional horse colors like gray, black, tan, and chestnut. Pegasus rides, on the other hand, are available at 550 Station Cash, and come in lilac, blue-black, gray, pink, sea-foam green, and white.

Along with the new horse and pegasus rides, there are also wee teeny pony pets named Vivi, Jaina, and Rocco, who are available to members and non-members for 300 Station cash. There's a new owl pet named Archimedes as well, for those who want their very own wisecracking owl sidekick.

As if that weren't enough, the team has also added in lots of new furniture to check out, and have been throwing parties for players to come to. All in all, a very hopping time in Free Realms of late -- which we suspect may be a boon to parents who could use some extra spring cleaning hands in exchange for a little bonus chore money!