Champions Online to offer free weekend

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If you've been watching the news on the Champions Online front, you know that big changes have come to the game and even more are in store. Players who canceled their subscriptions may even be thinking that Champions Online might be worth a second look, particularly with the addition of Revelation.

If you're one of those players, or have been considering giving the game a first look, you're going to want to clear some time next weekend. Cryptic is offering a free weekend for new and returning players, and it's a pretty generous definition of "weekend". The event -- which will give visitors completely unrestricted access to CO -- begins Friday morning, March 26th at 10 AM PDT, and runs through Monday the 29th at 10 AM PDT. Inactive accounts will be revived for the event, so former players can revisit their old characters.

And don't worry, you won't spend half that time downloading and patching. Cryptic has made the game available for pre-download now, so you'll be completely ready to go Friday morning. We definitely recommend that you check it out -- free is always good and you'll have a lot to see in those 72 hours!

[Thanks to Electrobix for the tip!]
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