Live from Sprint's CTIA 2010 press event

We're hanging out in a Greek theater-style auditorium waiting for Sprint's CTIA event to get underway -- we've been assured that whatever is about to happen is a Big Deal, so you'll want to pay close attention to what's about to go down. Very close attention.

2:06PM And that's it!

2:05PM "EVO 4G is such a great smartphone, that it can power other smartphones of lesser capability -- we finally discovered something that Droiddoesn't."

2:04PM Now we're seeing video streaming to TVs using the EVO as a WiFi hotspot and a Roku box. The same result as usual: it's fast.

2:03PM Loading up people in the area that are tweeting using a Twitter layer in Layar. "After a long day, looking forward to... oh, I better not read the rest of that."

2:01PM Layar's next. We get it, Sprint -- awesome apps are awesome-er over 4G! Can we fork over some cash for an EVO right now, or what?

2:00PM Oh, and a quick look at Flash support in the browser. Of course!

1:59PM Now we're seeing a quick -- okay, *very* quick -- demo of Google Goggles over 4G. It's pretty apparent that WiMAX makes a notable difference in mobile browsing -- it's not just a tethering advantage.

1:57PM They're encouraging uploads of shots from the 8.1 megapixel cam over 4G. Hope they're ready for the data deluge!

1:57PM They're pointing out that the trailer was sideloaded... and now we're seeing the same trailer again, but this time, it's being streamed over 4G. Looks darn good -- on the EVO's display, at least.

1:55PM They're outputting a Prince of Persia trailer over HDMI to a flat panel, and as you might expect, it looks stellar... such is the magic of HD digital video out, we suppose.

1:54PM HDMI output being demoed next.

1:54PM Another subtle dig at Verizon, saying the Droid "runs on a sub-par network." Zing!

1:53PM Ha! They're using a Droid to demonstrate standard quality videos side-by-side with the EVO. Nice little dig there, guys.

1:52PM Yep, confirmed: the app identifies when you're on 4G and switches to a higher quality stream.

1:51PM First thing we're going to see is YouTube HQ, which will premiere on the EVO 4G -- a high-quality YouTube experience designed for 4G networks, it seems.

1:50PM Video's over, and it's demo time! Kevin Packinham and Fared Adib are taking the stage.

1:48PM And they're off the stage! Now we're getting a demo video of the EVO in action.

1:48PM "I look forward to seeing some bandwidth-intensive applications coming out." We bet you do, Peter -- we do, too -- but do these carrier bosses (like the dude standing right next to you) really feel the same way deep inside? We're in a spectrum crunch, after all!

1:45PM "When we introduced HTC Sense on Sprint's HTC Hero last year, it generated a benchmark for what people expect from their phones." That's a bold statement! They're introducing the latest cut of Sense on the EVO with Friend Stream, just like we've already seen on the Desire and Legend.

1:44PM Chou: "Mobile video hasn't really been embraced yet, due to the network limitation." Video's obviously a focus for the EVO, and he's implying that it's WiMAX that's going to make it possible. We're definitely looking forward to seeing what kind of video quality we can get on the go on that huge 4.3-inch display.

1:42PM Hesse also mentioned a moment ago that the EVO will operate as a WiMAX hotspot supporting up to 8 simultaneous connections, besting even Sprint's own Overdrive. How hot is that?

1:41PM Chou: "HTC and Google have been working very closely with Sprint since May of 2008 to deliver the world's first fully-integrated 4G consumer handset, the EVO 4G."

1:40PM They're both holding up EVOs. So cute! In response to all the camera clicking coming from the audience, Hesse asks, "you guys running out of batteries yet?"

1:40PM "Sprint 4G is a big step for mobile internet. I'm excited and honored to be here with you today."

1:39PM HTC's Peter Chou is taking the stage!

1:39PM "We believe the EVO 4G will be in a class by itself." From what we've seen so far, we agree.

1:39PM "I love Google search where you just snap a picture of a wine bottle... I had a chance to use that this weekend." It *is* Vegas, after all.

1:38PM 1GHz Snapdragon processor -- we'd expect no less. Android 2.1 with Sense, too.

1:38PM 4.3-inch display, kickstand "so you can watch videos hands-free."

1:37PM The HTC EVO 4G! He just pulled the sheet off the unit on the stage -- and it's exactly what we've been able to bring you in a hands-on on the site a few minutes ago.

1:37PM "Today we're announcing the world's first 4G Android smartphone!" Sporadic applause... "we've got some plants out there."

1:37PM "What the world has been missing is a great 4G smartphone."

1:36PM Talking about being the first US carrier to launch 4G, and we're joining him today for "another 4G milestone."

1:36PM A little Led Zep playing in the background as CEO Dan Hesse takes the stage. "A little Led Zeppelin intro there!"

1:35PM We've got a video pimping Sprint firsts and bests over the years.

1:34PM Lights are going down -- we're getting underway!

1:30PM Very funky music being played at rather loud volumes here -- we're noticing a trend at CTIA so far this year.