Fallen Earth opens test server, details upcoming content

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|03.24.10

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Fallen Earth opens test server, details upcoming content
Icarus Studios has just announced the formation of a Public Test System for their post-apocalyptic sci-fi MMORPG Fallen Earth. Interested players can download the test server client and "let the devs know what you like and what sucks!" Specifically, you'll get early looks at forthcoming game updates including item overcharging/decay, revisions to the conflict town of New Gallows, a new dueling system, and a new companion pet for those lonely wasteland nights.

In addition to content sneak previews and the ability to make your voice heard, players will be able to "play alongside the developers...or kick their asses!" Check out the full announcement as well as the client download.

Stay with Massively over the next few days as we'll be meeting up with the Fallen Earth team at PAX East in order to bring you all the juicy details.
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