Re universal remote dongle for iPhone now available

Most of prefer to keep our eyes on the TV when in couch potato mode -- which kind of makes the smooth glass interface of a touchscreen remote out of the question. But who knows? Maybe you're some sort of Alpha control freak who needs to be able control damn near every A/V and/or home automation devices in your stifling McMansion. In that case, you're in luck -- the Re IR dongle for iPhone / iPod touch is now available -- officially and internationally. The App is free but the hardware will cost you a cool $70 -- hit the source link to get started. PR after the break.

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Official World-Wide Release Of Rē™ Universal Remote Control For iPhone Or iPod touch

The Rē is a full-featured, activity based IR remote for the iPhone with built-in upgradable IR database support for nearly all AV devices designed to meet and exceed the performance of high-end traditional remotes.

Portland, OR, (March 21, 2010)- iPhone users can check one more item off the wish list. NewKinetix LLC, of Portland, Oregon, today officially announced the release of their Rē plug-in accessory and Rē Universal Remote Control App, previously demonstrated at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The Rē accessory is now available for purchase at and for an MSRP of $69.95; and the required Re Universal Remote Control App is available as a free download on the App Store.

A full-featured iPhone and iPod touch universal remote, the Rē can create remotes for your entertainment devices in any number of rooms or locations. NewKinetix head of engineering and operations, John Miller, highlights the Rē's unique IR database as one of the main features that sets the Rē apart from other iPhone universal remotes, "The Rē has a fully populated IR code database chip for instant support of nearly all AV entertainment and home automation devices."

Specifically, the Rē comes with 415 brand codes that support thousands of TV model numbers and hundreds more brand codes for dozens of other device types including Cable and Satellite boxes, DVD, Blu-ray, and HD Radio. For the user, this database means you rarely need to learn a device remote into the Rē. This also assures 100% portability since you don't need WiFi to download codes or the old remote to copy, continues Miller, "While others are catching up, NewKinetix will continue to expand its feature lead with regular updates of the Rē App."

The Rē pairs with a free iPhone App to personalize and organize all your devices by room, activities, and favorites. Users can create activities and one touch sequences to "Watch TV" or "Listen to HD Radio." All remotes can be designed and edited to your preferences along with favorites lists to simplify and enhance your entertainment experience.

With high demand for an iPhone based IR universal remote, competition has been heating up. When asked about recent announcements of competitive products, Barry Baril, marketing spokesman for NewKinetix, was confident in his product, which is one of the first to the contested market, "Competition legitimizes the market. I'm confident that consumers and analysts will recognize the superior value of the Rē. Every other iPhone remote available lacks at least one critical universal remote feature available in the Rē today."

The Rē sets the performance bar by providing complete portability, an integrated IR database, Device Remotes, Activity Remotes, unlimited Rooms, unlimited Macros, learning, unlimited Favorites Lists for each Activity, and fully customizable remote screen layout.

In addition to the database chip and control processor, Rē Accessory houses a full-power, wide beam, high-quality IR transmitter so that your A/V equipment will respond quickly and correctly every time at distances up to 40 feet. The accessory positions the IR transmitter at the optimum angle for holding and viewing your iPhone and can be used with most accessory cases.

The Rē is completely manufactured in the USA and is now available for sale and shipment world-wide. For availability in your country and more information on the Rē, you can check out the Rē web site, or download and see the features of the Rē Universal Remote Control App free from the App Store.