Sword of the New World celebrates spring break in style

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|03.24.10

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Sword of the New World celebrates spring break in style
"Spring break, baby! Wooo!" "Where are you going?" "I'm heading to the nearest computer to log into Sword of the New World! Wooo!"

Or so GamersFirst hopes gamers will say when they hear of Sword of the New World's spring break promotion. Four special deals and events are livening the game up for the remainder of the month and into the first week of April. This includes a hunt for a special four-leaf clover, a new phase of Faction Wars, and -- of particular interest to anyone who plays the game -- a whopping 20% increase in drop rates off of any mobs. Even if you aren't a current player of the game, the combination of these promotions plus the title's free-to-play model make for an irresistible temptation.

This comes on top of recent changes to the game and an expansion back in February. Hit the jump for specifics on Sword of the New World's spring break promotions!
  • Spring Fever (3/17-4/7) – Players can kill monsters to collect a lucky four-leaf clover, which nets them an award from the Spring Maiden. Players who participate in 15/21 days of the event will receive an additional item.
  • Item of the Month Sale (3/24) – Series V of Andre's and Karjalain's Portmanteau costume boxes go on sale.
  • Faction Wars (starts 3/31) – Get ready for the next phase of colony wars. Strengthen your characters and claim your land on 3/31.
  • 20% drop rate bonus (3/24-4/7) – This covers anything you kill across three servers of Sword of the New World.
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