BBC iPhone apps on hold, maybe forever

Mel Martin
M. Martin|03.30.10

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Th British Broadcasting Corporation was expected to launch several iPhone apps with news and sports content in April but the apps are going to be a no-show.

Today, the BBC reports that the BBC Trust, which governs the 'Beeb,' has asked the broadcaster to postpone any plans for the apps while the business case is reviewed.

Several groups have criticized the BBC for wanting to distribute the free apps, most notably competitors who believe the BBC has an unfair advantage because it is funded by taxpayers who pay a yearly license fee to fund the broadcaster.

The BBC is among the biggest and most elite broadcasters in the world, and the apps were eagerly awaited. The corporation originally said it expected to build apps for the iPhone, and later Android and BlackBerry phones, but of course all of those plans are apparently on hold until this issue gets worked out.

Full disclosure: I worked for the BBC in 1994-1998.
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