Warhammer Online Producer's Letter teases 1.3.5 improvements

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|03.31.10

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Warhammer Online Producer's Letter teases 1.3.5 improvements
As March winds down to a close, the WAR continues -- and Mythic producer Carrie Gouskos steps up to rally the troops behind a few juicy, if tantalizingly vague, quality of life improvements coming in the 1.3.5 patch. Take my hand, Dorothy, for it's dyes, scenarios, Marauders and minimaps, oh my!

Following Warhammer Online's patch 1.3.4, the team has kept a close eye on the PvP scenarios, and while they are happy overall, the plague of player /AFK's have taken their toll. Carrie promises that they are "actively investigating a solution for this problem." She also highlighted the improved communication efforts of the team, as seen on the official Dev Discussions forum.

Small but attractive improvements are in store for WAR's 1.3.5 patch, including a sharper look for armor dyes, "gutters" for the minimap to show off-map objective directions, and dual wielding for the mutated Marauder class.
These are, of course, not the extent of 1.3.5's additions and changes to the game, which Carrie is quick to point out: "Obviously this doesn't include any information about the massive city changes; those are too extensive to detail here." She closes by urging guilds to stay tuned to the forums for possible selection to testing their 100% RvR Driven City experience.

For those interested in trying out WAR, the path has never been smoother: not only is there an unlimited trial up to level 10, but Mythic recently removed the cost of the game's purchase.
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