Gaga Moviewatch: Johnny Weir performs Poker Face

A Note From The New Editor: There's been a shake up in management here at the Insider. Forgive the recent changes in the site's direction, as of now we are and shall ever be Lady Gaga Insider! Let the fabulousness begin!

Those of you who are figure skating fans as well as appreciators of the greatest pop star of our time will probably have seen this already, but for the rest of you, may I present award-winning figure skater Johnny Weir's "Poker Face" routine. It's a thrilling performance on many levels; I particularly enjoy the bits of mirror on his costume and the timing of that first jump. I don't know what the Korean commentators are saying, but they (and the crowd) certainly seem to enjoy it as much as I do.

I can only hope that Lady Gaga saw this and called Johnny, quickly becoming a close friend, and that the two of them are collaborating on an original routine for next season.

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