The Flying Hamster spits out some weapon tutorials

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The Flying Hamster spits out some weapon tutorials
If it wasn't evident by now, we're absolutely in love with the upcoming PSP shooter The Flying Hamster. It's bizarre, and more importantly, absolutely adorable. We've only seen screens of the game so far, but with the release of its new official website, we can finally see the game (and its weapons) in action.

The first three videos introduce some of the tactics players can use. The default weapon appears to be some kind of hamster spit, which can be charged to produce a more substantial ball of wet destruction. Other weapons include sunflower seeds and berries, which can be charged to devastating effect. While these may not seem like the most appropriate weapons to use in a shooter, they certainly match the zany character of the game. Seriously, it's hard not to laugh while watching these videos.

You can check out all the action after the break.

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