Sick of all the Apple news? We're here for you!

It's iPad time, people, and that means we'll be doing what we do and covering the hell out of Apple's new tablet for the next few days. But we'll obviously have other stuff going on as well, and if you just can't bear another post about this infuriating giant iPod touch mixed in with your daily dose of gadget news, we're here for you -- just hit, and you'll see a completely magic- and revolution-free Engadget. It works for RSS too: is your ticket to an iPad-free feed reader. You can also exclude anything else you want, so if you really hate the ASUS Eee PC 1201PN you can just hit and express your unique brand of misanthropic antipathy and ill-adjustedness quietly to yourself in the comfort of your home or workplace. We will accept your silent refusal to comment on iPad posts as agreement to these terms and conditions, and reserve the right to straight jack trolls in the face with a sick nasty bannination.

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