iPad OS digging reveals hints of future iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Nessie

Well, well -- what have we here? A little digging into the mainframe that lies beneath Apple's freshly launched iPad has uncovered a few telltale signs of next-generation hardware, and while this is obviously in no way confirmation that new wares are on the way from Cupertino, this kind of stuff has led to similar reveals in the past. If we're seeing this right, we're looking at not one, but two new mentions of future iPhones (iPhone 3,2 and iPhone 3,3), alongside a new iPod touch (iPod 4,1) and... a future iPad (iProd 2,1). 'Course, none of this gives us any indication of the all-important whos or whens, but at least this confirms that mythical creatures still exist in the hearts of those who believe.