Screen Grabs: LeBron James overlooks iPad at MLB season opener

Darren Murph
D. Murph|04.05.10

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Screen Grabs: LeBron James overlooks iPad at MLB season opener
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Never mind that Bron Bron and company got handled today when facing the Celtics -- the NBA's biggest star (yeah, we said it) made a pit stop at Major League Baseball's 2010 season opener tonight in order to plug Dr. Dre's (grossly overpriced) new cans, sport a Louis Vuitton zip-up and not care one single bit about a nearby iPad. During a shot up to a luxury box at tonight's Yankees vs. Red Sox matchup, LeBron was seen glancing in the direction of an iPad that was actually being shown off to someone else, but rather than drooling over Jobs' latest magic trick, he casually withdrew and returned to his conversation with Dre. Don't believe us? Have a gander at the video just past the break.

[Thanks, Noah]
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