Spacetime's Pocket Legends hits Apple's app store

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|04.05.10

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Spacetime's Pocket Legends hits Apple's app store
While there have been many attempts at reproducing the MMORPG experience on Apple's incredibly popular iPhone and iTouch devices, the limitations in technology and connection speed have kept these applications from hitting the big time. Spacetime Studios hopes to change all that, as they just revealed a new MMO for the app store: Pocket Legends.

Boasting 3D graphics, three classes and accessibility across iPhone, iTouch and iPad devices, Pocket Legends might be considered an "MMO-lite," but it still contains all the necessary ingredients. Players can choose from one of three anthropomorphic animal classes -- a cat sorceress, a bird archer, and a bear tank -- and head off for a career full of dungeon running, chest looting, and stat leveling. Grouping is also possible (and encouraged!), with thousands of players connecting over a server. Spacetime promises that players can not only play Pocket Legends on almost all of Apple's portable devices (except the first edition of the iPhone), but the game can be accessed via WiFi, 3G and even EDGE networks.
"We've utilized years of technology and expertise to pretty rapidly put on this platform something that I don't think anyone has ever seen before, and we're tremendously excited by the prospects," executive producer Gary Gattis told Gamasutra.

As you may recall, Spacetime Studios originally worked on the promising Blackstar, a strong MMORPG contender that was axed by NCSoft prior to release. Their switch to Pocket Legends enabled them to finally launch a MMO (a F2P vampire MMO called Empire of Night is also on deck for the company.) Spacetime is offering Pocket Legends for free, hoping that gamers will like it so much that they'll either pay for small expansion packs or items in the cash shop.

The iPad version is currently available, with the iPhone/iTouch edition making its way through the approval process. You can check out the trailer at Touch Arcade, or learn more about the game from Spacetime's website.
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