WoW Insider Show Episode 133: The Lost Episode

Michael Sacco
M. Sacco|04.05.10

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WoW Insider Show Episode 133: The Lost Episode
Are you guys familiar with the term "perfect storm"? It's when a whole bunch of awful things happen at the same time, and then George Clooney shows up in a boat. Well, we recorded this particular episode of our WoW Insider Show podcast Wednesday the 10th of March, in an attempt to get you guys a podcast before Adam went on his mini-vacation. At the end of the episode, we had a catastrophic recording failure that split the show into 600 or so bite-sized pieces instead of the party sub of a show we're used to. Then Adam's laptop died. Then I got very, very sick and had to go to the hospital. Then Adam's town got flooded. Then Rossi shaved his chest hair, which was probably the worst of all.

But, finally, things fell back into place. So, after all that, we present to you this like-new episode of our beloved podcast, filled to the brim with the content described below. We hope you enjoy it.
Thanks for waiting for this episode -- we know sometimes it's hard to understand that there are real people with real lives behind the names on the site, and your patience is much appreciated whilst we took care of everything.

And because it's been such a long wait between episodes, we'll be bringing you another new episode tomorrow! Two episodes this week? Hell yes, son -- that's how we /roll.

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