Elonex announces iDock XL, iDock Aero and £99 710EB e-reader, we go hands-on

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Elonex announces iDock XL, iDock Aero and £99 710EB e-reader, we go hands-on
We stopped by Elonex's booth at The Gadget Show Live for its product launch extravaganza. First is the iDock XL screen dock for the iPhone / iPod touch, which sadly doesn't serve as an iPhone-to-iPad converter, but will let you do the usual video and photo display on its 10-inch 800x480 screen (the prototype pictured above has a smaller temporary screen). You'll find a removable battery that lasts for about four hours or almost twice that with a secondary internal battery, or you can leave the iDock XL plugged in via its micro-USB port. Available in May for £149 ($229).

More toys after the break, including a look at the iDock Aero and the 710EB e-reader.

Next up is the iDock Aero that comes in two parts: a 2.4GHz video transmitter in the form of a fat housing for your iPhone OS device, and a receiver / charger cradle for plugging into your TV. Video quality leaves a lot to be desired, but it's probably worth the trade-off for some extra couch time (about two hours on one charge, to be precise). You can grab one of these for £149 as well but not until June.

Last but not least, after the notoriously cheap Elonex One netbook, the company outdoes itself with a £99 ($152) 7-inch color-screen e-reader, dubbed the 710EB. There weren't any working demo units to show off the pretty interface and Elonex's eBookstore (in partnership with British bookstores Waterstone's and WHSmith), nor were there many specs to look at, but we're promised a mid-May launch for this ARM-powered device.
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