Gears of War 3 dated April 5, 2011

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The Gears of War "trilogy" will conclude on April 5, 2011 in North America, followed by Japan and Europe on April 7 and 8, respectively. The game, announced last Friday on the Xbox Dashboard, finally had its big (delayed) coming-out trailer last night on late-night national television.

For those interested in Gears apparel for their Avatars, new items for the little scamps will be available beginning April 20, 2010. Items, like the new Gears 3 COG armor, can be picked up in the Avatar Marketplace, along with other Gears gear. Find pics of the COG armor in the gallery below.

Update: The Gears 3 campaign will feature four-player co-op, according to Cliff Bleszinski.
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