Eight years of Final Fantasy XI, another round of Mog Bonanza

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|04.15.10

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Eight years of Final Fantasy XI, another round of Mog Bonanza
After one iteration at the start of the new year and another run that coincided with VanaFest 2010, you would think that Final Fantasy XI was done with the Mog Bonanza for a while. But you'd apparently be wrong, as the official site has just announced that it will be running once again. But it's kind of understandable when you realize it's to celebrate the momentous eight-year milestone the game is hitting. That's a fine reason for players to start up the number-guessing engine in their heads again, especially when the rewards are still more wonderful prizes for every adventurer.

Most of the rules from prior offerings still apply here -- a maximum of ten marbles per character, with prizes handed out in ascending ranks. Getting just the last digit right nets some small but pleasing prizes, while getting all five brings huge piles of gil or rare equipment. While it's not on par with the Relic and Mythic weapons offered at VanaFest, they're still desirable for almost any player. So mark your calendar foor May 16th, when marbles go on sale, and enjoy a solid eight years of Final Fantasy XI.
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