Jobs confirms Wi-Fi, 3G iPad launch via email

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Jobs confirms Wi-Fi, 3G iPad launch via email
Steve Jobs has emailed a European customer to apologize for the iPad's delay and confirm the company's shipping plans.

9to5 Mac reports on emails sent by two European customers to Steve Jobs asking about the iPad's international release. The first message read, "Will there also be 3G models of the iPad released worldwide on the end of may or only the Wi-Fi models? Would be nice to know. Can't wait." Steve's response was, "Both models will be released at the end of May. Sorry for the delay."

Steve's response to the second email, which asked essentially the same question, was a tidy little, "Yes."

International iPad shipments have been delayed by one month as Apple struggles to keep up with what its calling unexpected demand. Pre-orders will begin on May 10th. This email from Jobs is the first official confirmation that the Wi-Fi and 3G models will ship simultaneously.

This is the second time this week that we've heard about personal emails from Jobs reaching customers. We wonder if they were "Sent from [his] iPad."

[Via MacNN]
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