OCZ Colossus refreshed as 'enthusiast' 1TB SSD, not worthy of enthusiasm

Sean Hollister
S. Hollister|04.15.10

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OCZ Colossus refreshed as 'enthusiast' 1TB SSD, not worthy of enthusiasm
The formula for last year's OCZ Colossus 1TB solid state drive was simple: Two. Two of the company's 2.5-inch solid state drives in one 3.5-inch desktop package, with two Indilinx controllers reading and writing from two-bit MLC memory at up to 260MB / sec, over a thoroughly saturated SATA II connection. To improve the drive, the company would likely have had to upgrade to SATA 6G, support TRIM and possibly choose new controllers to boot. That's not what happened. The new OCZ Colossus LT is the exact same drive as its predecessor down to the read / write speeds, but with slightly cheaper 34nm flash memory. If the drive were substantially cheaper as a result, that might be enough, but pricing around the web shows that Colossus' price tags remain intact. You'll pay almost exactly the same -- about $1600 for 500GB, or $4000 for 1TB -- for this hefty SSD.
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