Pennsylvania spycam case heating up

Mel Martin
M. Martin|04.17.10

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Pennsylvania spycam case heating up
A student who says he was spied on by school officials on his Mac laptop has filed new claims in the case.

Harriton High School sophomore Blake Robbins claims pictures were taken of him while he was asleep and only partially dressed, and instant messages that he sent to friends were captured.

The Lower Merion school district is now conceding that the effort it was making to keep track of school owned laptops was misguided, and today the district said it would release the results of its own internal investigation "good and bad."

In a court filing, Robbins says the school captured more than 400 webcam images and screen shots using his computer. Robbins lawyer says that thousands of pictures were obtained from laptops issued to students by the school tech staff.

Lawyers involved in the case met Friday for a status check and to discuss pending issues.

According to an attorney for the Robbins family, school technology coordinator Carol Cafiero refused to answer questions during a recent deposition, citing her 5th Amendment rights against self-incrimination.

The suburban Philadelphia school has issued Mac laptops to 2,300 students at two high schools. The FBI joined the case in February.

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