Pioneer shows off iPhone remote controllable Blu-ray players

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The "works with iPhone" stamp has taken a whole new meaning for Pioneer as it's just added two new Blu-ray players due in May featuring iControlAVR app support baked in. You won't be taking advantage of the VSX-1020's (VSA-1020 in Japan) 3D compatibility with the BDP-330 or higher end BDP-LX53, but owners will enjoy return of last year's well-received Precision Quartz Lock System with the addition of YouTube streaming and RSS feeds. Taking advantage of the Apple tie-ins will require hooking up to the network and a WiFi dongle is extra, check out the screens from the remote app after the break and decide on your own if physical buttons (or only being able to bring a touch interface to certain discs) was just too much of a hassle.
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